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Let’s face it, most of us spend as much time nowadays in our cars as we do in our homes. They’re our private little sanctums in our daily lives. So just like our homes, it is imperative to keep our interiors pleasant to our senses and protected from soiling and UV rays. Utilizing Dr Beasley’s interior nano coating technology we are able to do so for years to come. PRICING


Have you ever seen a car in a parking lot that looks like it’s paint is a hologram? A milky haze? Or worse yet, is this something you’ve seen on your car? Your clearcoat paint is literally just that, a clear layer. And when it is damaged with scratches, swirls, hazing or etchings you lose the depth and beauty of the color of your car. Think of it as if you were looking at the world through a pair of scratched glasses. The colors would seem muted and dull. But don’t fear, there’s a solution to that with paint correction. Using Dr Beasley’s Nano Surface Primers we are able to not only clarify your clearcoat but also add to the thickness of it. Prevent even more future wear by combining paint correction with a coating and really see the beauty of your investment! PRICING


Just like keeping our interiors clean, maintaining the exterior paint, glass, trim and tires of your ride are just as important. They are constantly bombarded by UV rays, acid rain, iron fallout, tar, and traffic film from the road. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of security with maintaining your vehicles exterior. PRICING


What are they? How can they benefit me? All good questions as there are so many different types of products out on the market today. Without delving into the entire chemical structure of coatings, think of them as a layer of glass like substance that physically bonds with your clearcoat to form a layer of protection that lasts for years and some, like Dr Beasley’s Nano Resin Pro, even offer self healing properties. Today’s modern clearcoat systems are thinner than ever but even more importantly more expensive than ever. Your vehicle is probably the second most expensive investment you will make besides a house, so protect it and make it last for years to come! We offer packages that fit every lifestyle, from 1, 5, 7 and even 25 years of durability. PRICING


Our engine bays and wheels often are the most assaulted by the road and driving conditions. Rubber and plastic pieces in your engine bay are subject to high heat, salt and road grime while your wheels are subjected to the heat of your brakes, caustic brake dust, and the constant and ever changing weather conditions. These components can be very expensive to replace so keeping them in tip top shape is an absolute must. PRICING


Enhance the look of your vehicle with nano ceramic window film. These films will keep your cars interior cooler on the hottest days of summer. Also adding PPF to your vehicles painted surface. Your vehicle will be protected from rock chips, road debris, bugs and bird droppings. 

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