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Matte Paint Is Beautiful, NOT Scary!

Matte, frost, satin... all of these are names for a newer style of paint that has taken the automotive market by storm. They accentuate the curves of body panels and set our vehicles apart with a unique look.

Recently, I have received quite a few calls and inquiries regarding matte paint. Unfortunately, there is a lot of false information circulating, from dealerships scaring customers with what seems like an endless routine of maintenance do's and dont's to some other individuals suggesting not to buy matte cars, but to rather have them completely wrapped afterwards with matte vinyl or paint protection film. And while these two options seem like a great idea, it is very difficult to swallow a $5,000 to $7,000 accessory after you've just purchased the vehicle you really want. If you can swing such an expense that's great. But for many this may not feasible. And even then, that film or vinyl will require a matte paint coating on top of that.

So how do I care for it you ask? Well, quite simply put, as you would a normal paint job, the only exception being that you will want to use products specifically made for matte finishes. The misconception that matte is harder to take care of than gloss just isn't true. Regardless of the finish, both types should be maintained with care and not driven through automatic car washes. Both should have contaminants such as tar and bird droppings removed as quickly as possible. And lastly, both should be protected from the environment with a ceramic coating. Not so different after all, huh? The main difference between the two paint systems is that gloss paints can be decontaminated with clay, polished to remove scratches, marring and swirls whereas matte paint is decontaminated with special non-abrasive chemicals and cannot be polished to remove scratches and swirls. However, light marks that would normally show on a gloss finish are quite often invisible on matte finishes. If a scratch is deep enough, yes, matte finishes will need repainted to repair that damage but in the end that's not very different from gloss systems either as if a scratch or etching penetrates past the clear coat, that will also require repainting.

Throughout much trial and error on my own matte finish on my personal vehicle with numerous different brands, many of which would alter the OEM look and left me dissatisfied, I am proud to say that only Dr. Beasley's has my vote of confidence. They offer a wide range of products for this finish and the owner, Jim Lafeber is in my eyes the forefather of matte paint care.

So what options are there? I am proud to offer two options for ceramic coatings for matte finishes.

First, there is Matte Paint Coating which is a 2 year warrantied ceramic coating. It will not alter the look of your factory paint job and provides a hydrophobic shield that protects it from contamination and staining.

The second is Matte Paint Coating Pro. This is a 5 year warrantied ceramic coating that will not only provide all of the features of the 2 year coating, but is also the only self healing matte coating in the world meaning not only will your paint be protected for the long haul, but your finish will quite literally bounce back from light scratches and swirls causing them to disappear.

I hope this article has helped assuage any fears you may have about matte finishes and has educated you a bit on them. They are nothing to be scared of, but rather something to enjoy for years to come!

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