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The Power of Paint Enhancement!

Paint enhancement, all-in-one, one step. All these terms relate to nearly the same system so let's take a look at what it is.

It used to be that there were two types of products for paint correction. There were heavy compounds for removal of moderate to severe paint defects and then there were finishing compounds or sometimes referred to as polishes to remove very light defects. Usually the heavy compounds were so aggressive that they would leave behind a haze called micromarring and that is where the finishing compound would come in to level out those marks to provide a mirror finish. Were they effective? Oh yes. Very much so. And they still are and are used to this day by myself and many other great detailers for the customer who is looking for the ultimate show car finish. However, these processes also take more time which equates to a more costly package.

But, what about when we just want our paint to glow a bit more? When we have a daily driver that we just want to make our paint "pop"? This is where the paint enhancement comes in perfectly. On average I have found that usually this package removes about 30% of defects. However, on some vehicles even more correction is obtainable. These three vehicles I would say came out more around the 60-65% range which is fantastic! Not only does this keep the budget economical but it is also a one day turn around allowing you to be back on the road that very day. Best yet, is the advent of the newest nano ceramic coatings such as Dr. Beasley's Nano LS-10 that allow perfect installation even in direct sunlight!

The Premier and Ultimate Packages are a perfect way to experience the best of both worlds. Outstanding shine and gloss that looks like you can stick your hand into it and an affordable and economical turnaround and price. In fact, I enjoy this package so much that it is what I do to my personal truck seen below. So call today and see the beauty of what paint enhancement can do for you!

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