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Allentown Mobile Detailing is here for your convenience!

Would you believe this truck was done outside? In the sun? In the summer? Well believe it because it was. It used to be that detailing had to be done in a climate controlled environment. The compounds, polishes, waxes and sealants of the past shunned the sun like Dracula. They would "cement" on the surface making them near impossible to remove or even worse, cause dry buffing and damage to your precious clearcoat. And when you wanted your car detailed you'd have to make an appointment, drop off your vehicle, and then find transportation for the rest of your day. What if you didn't have to do that? What if someone came to you on your schedule and saved you that hassle? Well, that is exactly what we at 345 Detailing strive to do. Give you the best service with as little jostling around of your busy day. Today's products that we use in our Signature, Premier and Ultimate packages are more sun and temperature friendly than ever. In fact, those packages were specifically designed for the mobile customer in mind for not only ease on your schedule but longevity. We use only the finest products from Dr. Beasley's and we even bring the water to you. We used deionized spot free water because your car deserves the best treatment possible and the best possible chemical bond of our Formula 1201 or Nano LS-10 ceramic coatings.

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