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What are NSPs and how do they benefit my car? 345 Detailing. Allentown, PA

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

Well, first off, there's a hint in the name. NSP stands for Nano Surface Primer and although the words "polish" and "compound" are sometimes thrown around to describe them, this is actually not what they are. Traditionally, you have two types of paint correction liquids. One is called SMAT which stands for Super Micro Abrasive Technology meaning small abrasive particles suspended in a carrier liquid that often contains oils and silicones and the other is DAT or Diminishing Abrasive Technology meaning particles suspended in the same carrier liquids yet they break down smaller and smaller as they're used. Think of these particles as small grains of sand. While they do work, they're uneven which can leave to a less than satisfactory finish. So fast forward to this new technology. Rather than a oil and silicone liquid containing uneven particles, NSPs contain spherically shaped particles suspended in a nano gel allowing for less risk of damage to your paint, longer working times and a better finish. The best part? They actually can thicken your precious clear coat and lay down the building block foundation for ceramic coatings meaning your coating will last for years to come with the best bond possible.

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