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Why would I want a ceramic coating? Why not just wax or a sealant? 345 Detailing. Allentown, PA

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

To put it simply, longevity. Not only length of protection but of your clear coat paint system that you paid for. But let's look at this a little more in depth. Today's clear coat paint systems are thinner than ever. With new environmentally safer paints the detailing industry is seeing less and less of clear coat to work with for correction on clients' cars. Some are even so thin coming off the factory line that if you get a scratch, you may be able to only remove it once before the paint is too thin to repair. Adding a ceramic coating to your vehicle not only protects your clear coat from being bombarded by constant UV rays, acid rain, iron fallout and road contaminants, but they also resist swirling or in the worst case, allow deeper scratches to often be repaired safely. For example, Dr. Beasley's Nano Resin Pro adds a self healing layer of protection to your paint that is 10 microns thick! That may not sound like a lot but it is. Your clear coat on average is between 32-50 microns thick so your are effectively increasing it by up to a whopping 30%. Remember, once your clear coat is compromised, there is only one solution and that is a very costly repaint so protect your investment today!

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